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Seeking Recourse Via Search Engine Optimization

The internet empowers us in so many new ways. Not only do we have more information sources and a seemingly unlimited amount of news portals, but we also have the ability to actually influence opinion, and strike back when bad players rip us off or act in ways that are unethical or illegal.

Use Search Engine Optimization To Expose Wrongdoing

Don't allow unscrupulous businesses or persons to go without accountability. It's your responsibility as an SEO to warn the public at large of the bad players among us, no matter whether you expose unethical institutions, political malfeasance, or clients who default on payments. Ask a lawyer to vet your story to prevent you from being forced to change or remove it - you always want the legal system on YOUR side.

Anyone focused on enterprise optimization knows that this is a snap - very low level SEO skills are needed. And if you control more than one website, you can probably push significant PR advantage to your posts and get them ranked very high, very fast. Make use of geo advantages and multiple documents to get as many instances into the results as high as possible. Remember to NAME NAMES.

And we know this works like a charm. We have lots of great stories where wrongs were righted simply because of push back from the search. Once you see how effective and easy it is to rank most of these kinds of posts, you'll never let the bad guys get away with anything.

We all understand the need for recourse, sometimes known as revenge. We are often placed in an environment in which the only other real world alternative to your injustice is just not going to cut it. When that happens to you, we recommend that you use your optimization skills to set things straight.

Here's a related document that deserves a read if you need to defend your reputation.

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